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LAN-TECH provides many software packages. Types of software packages include Time and Billing Systems, Case Management Systems, Voice Recognition software, and more.

To see more about the different software we offer, please refer to the products page.

Time and Billing software

Every firm needs a Time and Billing system to accurately track time and produce bills on a regular basis. LAN-TECH works with many billing systems. One billing system that we have found to be very popular among the legal profession is TABS III from Software Technology Inc STI .

Case Management

Case Management software provides a method of tracking all the information related to a case. This of course includes standard client information such as client's name, address, phone number, etc. but also includes the information about the type of case itself.

Different Areas of Practice (AOP) must track entirely different information. Therefore most Personal Information Managers (PIM) are not well suited for a thriving legal practice.

Case management systems will do much more. They also provide a calendar and a method of checking for conflict of interest. One popular software package is Case Master III from Software Technology, Inc. Another software package is from LegalEdge software.

Voice Recognition

Want to talk to your computer and actually have it understand what your are saying? Now you can with DragonDictate voice recognition software. This software will allow you to dictate directly into your favorite word processor.

New Continuos speech software allows the user to dictate in a normal speech. There is no longer a pause between the words.

Voice recognition has basically two modes. The first is command and control. This is what may have come with a sound card. It allows you to give basic control commands to command (File|open) applications. The second mode is dictation mode. This mode allows a user to input text and numbers directly into an application such as Microsoft Word or Excel.

Litigation Software

A case may generate thousands and thousands of documents. Litigation software allows you to bring all these documents into a system where they can be bates stamped, indexed, and searched.

A transcription can be directly imported. Once it is brought into the system, notes can be attached to specific areas on the documents. These notes can also be indexed by categories and searched.

Litigation software can greatly reduce case preparation time and keep you better organized. By having all the documents brought into the computer system, the entire case can be placed on a single laptop and brought into court. No longer will you have to tote boxes and boxes of files around

Ordering and Information

LAN-TECH can take your order. But for your protection, we do not take orders through the Internet. Please call us at (770) 514-0400 x16 to order products.

If you have more questions, please E-mail them to